AED Concierge Management

A huge problem with defibrillators is that they are usually purchased and forgotten about.
It is not uncommon for:

  • Pads to expire
  • Batteries to expire or go flat
  • Units can sometimes fault or experience other technical issues if they are not properly maintained.

If you don’t maintain your unit or have a proven service maintenance record the consequences could be severe, you risk having a unit that won’t work, or worst case scenario won’t be able to save a family member, colleague or friend.

AED Concierge is a time and money saving, simple management program that reduces this risk through;

  • Ensuring that you always have a fully operational shock ready device.
  • Keeping defibrillators compliant with manufacturer requirements for inspection.
  • Reduces risk by ensuring defibrillators are compliant and operational.
  • Offering ease of administration saves time and provides a safety net against forgetting to maintain a defibrillator.

Download a copy of our AED Concierge brochure here – AED Concierge Information

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To log into our concierge program please click the link to our international web site where you will find a login portal for AED Concierge.