Sporting Clubs

Community based organisations  such as sporting clubs can be at risk if they are not prepared for an emergency.  Any public or community based organisation where large amounts of people gather really need to be prepared from a first aid and emergency perspective. By providing your organisation with a defibrillator you could be responsible for saving a life in the event of a medical emergency. Sporting clubs looking to increase the safety of their environment for both participants and spectators can now do so with one simple purchase of our sporting club defibrillator package.

Our sporting club defibrillator packages features everything you need to outfit your club and facilities with a lifesaving AED program.

We recommend defibrillators for sports clubs that include the finest in ease of use and affordability and the necessary accessories for a sporting club setting. In addition to a ready-made defibrillator program, the sports club defibrillator packages also include savings of hundreds of dollars, enabling you to dramatically increase your preparedness as cost effectively as possible.

Our defibrillator concierge program is also ideally suited to a sporting club or community based environment ensuring that your defibrillator is always in a ready to use state.

We strongly recommend a sports club defibrillator package for organisations looking to prevent fatalities due to sudden cardiac arrest.

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