Hands together resting on church pew row in front of the personHands together resting on church pew row in front of the person


Churches, Places of Worship and other Community Based Organisations can be at risk if they are not prepared for an emergency.

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Any church, place of worship or community based organisation where large amounts of people gather should be prepared for an emergency. By being prepared, you could be responsible for saving a life.

We tailor packages specifically for church’s, places of worship and large gatherings. Our defibrillator packages can be built on your requirements, from intuitive models to affordable, easy to use versions. We also offer significant savings for all church groups, which are well under the normal retail pricing.

All church packages include the appropriate signage and additional extras for your requirements, plus the option of our ongoing defibrillator management program ‘Concierge’.  This program ensures your defibrillator is always ready in an emergency.

While calling 000 in the event of an emergency is a must, being prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest by having a defibrillator at the ready could just save a life.

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