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Schools, Tafes, Child Care centres and the like can increase their safety with one of our Educational Defibrillator packages.

Our Educational Defibrillator packages feature everything needed for a first-rate defibrillator program, we can even tailor a package to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a single unit, multiple units that are wifi connected for maintenance monitoring or require a device suitable for children, we can help.

We offer pricing for Educational groups that is well under the retail price and can even offer training options for your staff to overcome any fears that may exists.

Any institution looking to prevent an unnecessary death from sudden cardiac arrest, can now do so with ease with any one of our Educational Defibrillator packages. While calling 000 in the event of an emergency is a must, being prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest by having a defibrillator could just save a life.

For more information on our packages, please contact our friendly customer service team on PH: 03 8710 8666 or via the contact us now button below.

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