Modern Gym With Weight & Step Machines In A RowModern Gym With Weight & Step Machines In A Row


Due to exercise, Gyms, Fitness Centres and Swimming Pools are high risk areas for sudden cardiac arrest.



Statistics show that places where physical activities occur have a higher risk of a SCA than most. Due to this, we have created a number of Defibrillator Fitness packages to assist your venues needs.

Whether your gym requires a single unit, a waterproof carry case for outdoor use or a device suitable for children, we can help. We can also tailor our packages for your specific needs.

We offer significant savings for all gyms and fitness centres on our Defibrillator Fitness packages, which are well under the normal retail pricing. Contact us below to discuss the best option for your venue.

While calling 000 in the event of an emergency is a must, being prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest by having a defibrillator could just save a life.

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