Picture of a HeartSine 360P AED with cabinet and accessoriesPicture of a HeartSine 360P AED with cabinet and accessories

HeartSine 360P Cabinet Bundle

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Designed for ease of use.  This exceptionally rugged, aircraft compliant defibrillator, is a sophisticated device, yet is designed to be simple and easy to operate.


  • Pad-Pak electrode pad and battery combination makes maintenance easy with only one item to replace
  • Lightweight and compact – the smallest and lightest AED available
  • Simple-to-own defibrillators, designed to be durable, affordable and highly user friendly
  • CPR coaching with metronome
  • Exceptionally rugged
  • Aircraft compliant – ETSO certified Pad-Pak
  • Energy Selection: Adult Pad-Pak 150J > 150J > 200J  |  Paediatric-Pak 50J > 50J > 50J

Bundle includes:

  • HeartSine 360P AED
  • Alarmed cabinet
  • Wall sign
  • First responder kit

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