Picture of a HeartSine 500P AED with Cabinet and accessoriesPicture of a HeartSine 500P AED with Cabinet and accessories

HeartSine 500P Cabinet Bundle

Original price was: $3,437.26.Current price is: $2,295.00.



Get the Heartsine SAM 500P, one of the most intelligent defibrillators available, in this all inclusive bundle.  Featuring CPR Advisor, which provides real time feedback as to the effectiveness of the CPR being administered. Lightest public access defibrillator on the market and ETSO certified (aircraft compliant).

AED Features:

  • Integrated CPR AdvisorTM provides CPR coaching with metronome plus real-time verbal and visual feedback with compression rate and depth prompts
  • Pad-Pak electrode pad and battery combination makes maintenance easy with only one item to replace
  • Lightweight and compact – the smallest and lightest AED available
  • Exceptionally rugged
  • Aircraft compliant – ETSO certified Pad-Pak
  • Energy Selection: Adult Pad-Pak 150J > 150J > 200J  |  Paediatric-Pak 50J > 50J > 50J

Bundle includes:

  • HeartSine SAM 500P semi-automatic defibrillator
  • Alarmed cabinet
  • Wall sign
  • First responder kit
  • DRSABCD – Basic life support chart

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