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Hotels, Motels, Caravan Parks and Hostels are high risk venues that should have access to a defibrillator.

Do you manage a Hotel or Hostel? Run a Motel or Caravan Park? Is your venue geographically isolated or a multi-story building where emergency services response times may be increased, then speak to us about a Defibrillator package.

We have customised defibrillator packages available to the leisure and accommodation industry to suit large corporate client’s right through to small self-contained B & B’s.

Whether you require a single unit, a waterproof carry case for outdoor use or require a device suitable for children, we can help.

Our sales team have extensive experience in providing solutions for these industries and can provide a cost effective and efficient package that is suited to your needs. While calling 000 in the event of an emergency is a must, being prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest by having a defibrillator could just save a life.

For more information on our packages, please contact our friendly customer service team on PH: 03 8710 8666 or via the contact us now button below.

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