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Building and Manufacturing sites are known high risk areas for Sudden Cardiac Arrest.



Every work site needs an AED, do you have one?

Sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anyone, at any time, often without warning. However some factors put the construction and manufacturing industries at higher risk. From physically demanding work, to hazardous substance and the high chance of being injured on the job, there is a lot to consider when establishing work health and safety plans.

AEDs as risk management

In Australia approximately two-thirds of sudden cardiac arrests occur in men. Since building and construction, the third largest industry in Australia, is very much a male dominated field, the chance of a worker suffering SCA on the job should not be ignored. Add in the physically demanding nature of the industry and the risk increases.

Building sites are often difficult to access which can increase the time it takes for emergency services to arrive, impacting the victim’s chance of survival. Should the unthinkable occur and your site has an on-the-job cardiac emergency, ensure workers are protected with an onsite AED to save precious time.

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