Philips HeartStart HS11 Defibrillator MachinePhilips HeartStart HS11 Defibrillator Machine

Philips Heart Start HS1 – Semi Automatic


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Specifically designed for the lay responder.  A simple step-by-step process with voice instructions, empowers even the most inexperienced responder.


  • Life Guidance technology guides users through the entire process, start to finish
  • Smart Analysis automatically assesses the heart rhythm and only administers a shock if required
  • Simple to use meaning a shock can be delivered quickly and effectively
  • Energy Selection: Adult Pad-Pak 150J > 150J > 150J  |  Paediatric-Pak 50J > 50J > 50J
  • Adding special pads allows existing  HeartStart defibrillators to become trainers

Available unit options:

Semi-automatic Defibrillator: Shock button is required to be pushed if a shockable heart rhythm is detected.