Phillips Heart Start FRX – Semi Automatic Defibrillator

More advanced unit for professional first responders. Designed to be light weight, portable, rugged for use in wide ranging applications and conditions.

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The Phillips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator is an advanced all round unit designed to be used by first responders in demanding situations. This unit is perfectly suited to on the scene law enforcement and emergency service, student field trips or on a job site the unit is designed to work in demanding and harsh environments. These applications for the unit are further complemented by the fact that the HeartStart FRx is small compact and only weighs 1.5kgs making it perfect for responder’s who may have to carry the unit for an extended period of time.

  • Rugged and reliable unit suited to first responders in a variety of situations.
  • Easy to Set up come virtually ready to use with battery and pads fitted.
  • Easy to use features CPR coaching and intuitive icon driven operation.
  • Voice instructions are tailored to the responder’s actions, providing guidance during CPR.

Apart from being an extremely rugged and reliable unit the HeartStart FXr has also been designed with safety in mind and will only deliver therapy to a patient if their heart rhythm is shockable.

Pre-connected SMART pads on the HAeartStart FRx that can be used on both adults and children saves time during an emergency and money as you don’t have to keep two separate types of pads.

Another feature is the infant / Child Key that can simply be inserted into the device to make it ready for use on children or infants. The defibrillator will adjust its mode of operation to place pads and provide CPR instructions and reduced shock energy to a more appropriate level.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 25 × 45 cm

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