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The size of your shop does not matter, the lives of your staff and customers do.

Due to the large number of people that retail organisations attract, the risk of a sudden cardiac arrest occurring is increased. That’s why we’ve developed some specific Retail packages, designed if you need to help a staff member or customer.

Included within each package is everything you need to outfit your business and each has been designed by our team of Risk and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Specialists.

Whether you are looking for a single unit or multiple units that are wifi connected for maintenance monitoring, we can tailor these packages to suit your retail needs.

We would recommend that all retail businesses consider the purchase of a defibrillator to protect their staff and customers as part of their OH&S plan. While calling 000 in the event of an emergency is a must, being prepared for a sudden cardiac arrest by having a defibrillator could just save a life.

For more information on our packages, please contact our friendly customer service team on PH: 03 8710 8666 or via the contact us now button below.

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