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The size of your shop does not matter, the lives of your staff and customers do.



Due to the large number of people that retail organisations attract, the risk of a sudden cardiac arrest occurring is increased. 

In the world of risk management, one must weigh potential risk with potential reward. While the risks associated with having an AED in a retail store are generally limited to theft or misuse, the potential reward for properly using this device is saving a person’s life. To those who are affected by sudden cardiac arrest, the reward is especially poignant.

Whether you are looking for a single unit or multiple units that are wifi connected for maintenance monitoring, we can tailor a package to suit your retail needs. We recommend that all retail businesses consider the purchase of a defibrillator to protect their staff and customers as part of their OH&S plan.

To find out more about or to speak with a customer service representative about which AED is right for your retail store contact us today!

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