Zoll AED 3 – Semi Automatic


Zoll AED 3™ Semi Automatic Defibrillator


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NEW Just released ZOll AED 3 – Semi Automatic

The new Zoll AED 3™ is the ideal defibrillator for both professional rescuers as well as untrained personnel. The unit has been designed on the back of many years research in understanding what trained and untrained rescuers realy need in an Automated External Defibrillator. With the release of this new product Zoll have improved the already very successful

Some key features of the Zoll AED 3™ include;

  • Dynamic rescue images on the screen step users through the rescue.
  • More powerful Real Real CPR Help® makes the defibrillator easier for anyone to use.
  • The new CPR Uni-padz™ and Child button facilitates simple integrated pediatric by allowing the rescuer to quickly change the defibrillator from adult to pediatric rescue without changing pads.
  • Low cost of ownership with the new  CPR Uni-padz™   and intelligent battery that last up to 5 years.
  • Easy to maintain with Zoll PlusTrac™

The new Zoll AED 3™ also incorporates state of the art technology such as an easy to configure touch screen display, detailed status of the intelligent battery and the CPR Uni-padz™  .

The Zoll AED 3™ defibrillator is also available ina fully automatic model as well.


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