Photo of ZOLL AED with wall bracket and signPhoto of ZOLL AED with wall bracket and sign

Zoll AED Plus® Wall Bracket Bundle

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Everything you need to be shock ready! The ZOLL AED Plus is equipped with Real CPR Help technology when used with the CPR-D padz, to assist first responders with performing high quality CPR.

AED features:

  • CPR coaching and real-time feedback with use of the CPR-D Padz®
  • Lid designed to be placed under a victim’s shoulders to optimise an open airway
  • Uses consumer lithium 123A batteries
  • Single piece electrode pads
  • Energy Selection: Adult Pad-Pak 120J > 150J > 200J  |  Paediatric-Pak 50J > 70J > 85J
  • LCD text prompts

Bundle includes:

  • ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator
  • Green wall bracket
  • Wall sign
  • First responder kit
  • DRSABCD Basic life support instruction chart

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