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A Tough and Durable AED with Manual Over-ride for Professional Rescuers






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The ZOLL AED Pro® is a portable AED (with manual override) intended for use by trained rescuers to provide emergency defibrillation and to monitor patient ECG during treatment.  It’s built light and tough to withstand the rough-and-tumble of use in any environment.

The ZOLL AED Pro has an LCD Display screen showing ECG, voice prompt messages, device advisory messages, elapsed time, shock count and chest compression graph display. Manual override is available for the professional rescuer.

The AED Pro offers the ability to view a patient’s underlying ECG rhythm with See Thru CPR®.   When the AED Pro is in manual mode and CPR chest compression’s are being performed, See-Thru CPR is activated.

Also, by measuring the depth of compressions the unit’s unique RealCPRHelp® function helps both BLS and ALS rescuers deliver more effective compression’s by audio and visual prompts such as “PUSH HARDER” and “GOOD COMPRESSION’S”.  The adaptive metronome helps the rescuer deliver the correct rate of compression’s.

The built-in self-test minimizes the amount of maintenance required.

The unit also comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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