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Public Access Defibrillator / AED Security

Public Access Defibrillator / AED Security

Defibrillator / AED Theft

Public access defibrillators AED can get stolen and often never found again.

The reason they are often not recovered is that they have no value to buyers. Who’s going to want to use a defibrillator that was sold in the Pub ?

So the question is, how do you secure a public access defibrillator?

Defibrillators cant be locked in cabinets as they need to be available for use at all times.

You also cant always rely on alarmed cabinets to prevent theft.


Physio Control CR2 Defibrillator







We recommend that our clients purchase a Physio Control CR2 Defibrillator with GPRS location tracking.

This is the best solution if you are worried about theft or ensuring that a defibrillator is available in a location at all times.

The CR2 defibrillator can be tracked through software and alerts sent to owners when the unit has been moved out of range.

We also can provide stickers that can be placed on cabinets that deter theft.

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