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Join the Ambulance Victoria ‘Good Sam’ register. Ambulance Victoria is maintaining a register of defibrillators so their ‘Good Sam’ responders can access this life-saving device faster than waiting for an ambulance. Every minute that CPR and defibrillation are delayed reduces the person’s chance of survival by 10%. A fast response can make the difference between […]

Why buy a Defibrillator with compliance to the ANZCOR Guidelines

What Are The ANZCOR Guidelines? The ANZCOR guidelines are evidence based resuscitation protocols that include recommendations for Automated External Defibrillators. The guidelines have been developed with consideration of all available scientific and published information. Defibrillators that have a high level of compliance with the ANZCOR Guidelines offer the best practice features as recommended by the […]

Ambulance Victoria Response Times

Ambulance Victoria Response Times The Ambulance Victoria 2016/2017 annual report shows that response time targets were not met. Attendance to code one emergency’s within 15 minuets was  78.3% of the time against a target of 85% Also better performance was reported for cardiac arrest patients with 50% surviving the trip to hospital. The numbers show […]

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