How to implement an AED program

Having an AED on site means you are investing in the protection of those around you.

Choosing the right AED solution for your organisation is similar to selecting the best insurance plan. Both are things you need, but hope to never use, and each works best if you gather some important information at the start.

Our site assessment and emergency response eBook guides you through the planning and information gathering process. Once complete, it provides us with all the information we need to recommend an AED solution. We evaluate the size and type of business, the number of staff and visitors, access to first aid and emergency services, and the physical layout of the premises.


Any attempt at resuscitation when someone has suffered sudden cardiac arrest is better than none, but with a little bit of planning you can outfit your business with the defibrillators best suited to your employees’ needs and skills.

The purchase of an AED will enhance the first aid capabilities and emergency responses of individuals and organisations of all types.

This guide considers all the critical factors of your situation; everything from the physical to the technical and even the personal is looked at. The size and layout of your physical environment will determine the placement of these lifesaving devices, and how many you need to ensure your nearest defibrillator is no more than 90 seconds away.

Our AED Site Assessment Guide eBook covers:

How to implement an AED program

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