Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Ambulance Victoria Response Times

Ambulance Victoria Response Times

The Ambulance Victoria 2016/2017 annual report shows that response time targets were not met.

Attendance to code one emergency’s within 15 minuets was  78.3% of the time against a target of 85%

Also better performance was reported for cardiac arrest patients with 50% surviving the trip to hospital.

The numbers show their is a real need for more Defibrillators in the community to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.

For every minuet that passes post cardiac arrest survival rates drop by 10%, so having a defibrillator on hand is critical.

In conclusion while paramedics do a fantastic job, more life saving defibrillators are needed to improve sudden cardiac arrest survival rates.





Restart A Heart Day – October 16 2017

Restart A Heart Day 2017

October 16 2017 marks Restart a Heart Day for 2017.

Restart a Heart Day aims to raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest and that anyone can restart a heart.

The aim of Restart A Heart Day is to raise awareness and education of CPR and AED’s / Defibrillators in the community.

The Restart a Heart movement is about people knowing what to do in a sudden cardiac arrest emergency.

  1. CALL 000     Call for Help Dial 000
  2. PUSH             Commence CPR immediate.
  3. SHOCK          Use a AED / Defibrillator

We are also keen to support this important movement and improve survival rates form Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


Tom Petty – Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Tom Petty – Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

The sad loss of  Tom Petty yesterday, struck down by a sudden cardiac arrest.

While the exact situation of what happened is not clear it highlights the shear randomness of SCA.

Also reminds us that we need more access to Defibrillators / AED’s.

A defibrillator is the only way to restart someones heart when SCA occurs.

Talk to your family and people at work about acquiring a defibrillator and guarding against SCA.


Sudden Cardiac Arrest